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CAMS Ranked Best Public High School in State

CAMS graduate and Niche 2024 Best Schools Ribbon Logo

The California Academy of Mathematics and Science (CAMS) and several other Long Beach Unified School District schools are among the top public schools in the nation, according to’s 2024 Best Schools list.

Niche’s annual rankings are based on rigorous analysis of key statistics from the U.S. Department of Education along with online ratings from students and parents.

Taking the top spot on the statewide list is CAMS, ranked as the No. 1 Best Public High School in California, up from No. 4 in 2023. 

CAMS also dominated Niche’s national rankings, earning the titles of No. 5, Standout High School in America; No. 9, Best College Prep Public High School in America; and No. 14, Best Magnet High School in America.

Additionally, CAMS and four other 菠菜网lol正规平台 high schools are ranked among a total of 20,446 schools named as the Best Public High Schools in America, with CAMS at No. 22, Sato Academy of Mathematics and Science at No. 199; Poly High School at No. 393; McBride High School at No. 535 and Millikan High School at No. 724. 

The following 菠菜网lol正规平台 schools are among the best statewide, according to Niche.

Best Public High Schools in California (out of 2,002)

  • CAMS, No. 1
  • Sato Academy, No. 32 (Also, No. 4, Best Magnet High School in California)
  • Poly, No. 76 (Also, No. 24, Best High School for Athletes in California)
  • McBride, No. 106 (Also, No. 14, Best Magnet High School in California)
  • Millikan, No. 142
  • Wilson, No. 323
  • Lakewood, No. 489 
  • Renaissance, No. 546 (Also, No. 64, Best High School for the Arts in America)
  • Cabrillo, No. 842

Best Public Middle Schools in California (out of 2,709)

  • Newcomb K-8, No. 200
  • Rogers, No. 333
  • Tincher K-8, No. 335
  • Keller, No. 404
  • Marshall Academy, No. 435
  • Stanford, No. 461
  • Cubberley K-8, No. 483
  • Bancroft, No. 641
  • Hughes, No. 677

Best Public Elementary Schools in California (out of 5,942)

  • Naples, No. 335
  • Kettering, No. 447
  • Newcomb K-8, No. 489
  • Prisk, No. 518
  • Lowell, No. 544
  • Carver, No. 660
  • Fremont, No. 677
  • Gant, No. 702
  • Emerson, No. 741
  • Los Cerritos, No. 843
  • Tincher K-8, No. 878
  • Henry, No. 997

Niche is the leading platform connecting students and families with colleges and schools. The 2024 rankings include updated data for 94,058 public schools nationwide.

“Deciding where to send their children to school is one of the most important decisions parents will have to make,” shared Luke Skurman, founder and CEO of Niche. “Our 2024 K-12 rankings are one tool we hope will help make families feel confident in their choices for laying the foundation for their children’s futures.”

Additional information on how Niche calculates rankings is available at

View the full list of Niche’s 2024 Best Schools rankings.

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